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Duck Derby AY23 Seminar 'Duck'orating Contest


USAWC AY23 Seminar Ducks are beyond creative this year.  

100% of your 'votes' go to the CBSC Scholarship Fund


Vote online

for YOUR seminar's duck or your favorites

Vote in person

Drop quarters (or dollars or twenties!) in your favorite duck's jar at the designated locations as often as you'd like.

Tuesday, October 25           1100-1300         Post Office Sidewalk                                   

Wednesday, October 26     1030-1330         LVCC for CLIF and SSR Meeting               

Thursday, October 27          1130-1330         Root Hall Patio                   

Final voting and Winner Announced

Thursday, October 27 at the Trick or Tiki night at the Tiki Bar

For more information click the button or email

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