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The CBSC Scholarship program offers merit-based scholarships annually to deserving students and spouses who have committed to continuing their education beyond high school. Race, sex, or financial need will not influence selection. CBSC Scholarship awards must be used for tuition, room and board, and other academic expenses and fees. Scholarship award checks are mailed directly to the school via certified check in U.S. Dollars.


All those who apply must meet Criteria 1; Criteria 2 a, b, OR c; Criteria 3; and Criteria 4.

     1. A CBSC member OR her/his dependent. (Membership must be current as of 31 December 2022).


     2. Dependents include:


a.  Current high school seniors or home-schooled students who reside within 50 miles of Carlisle Barracks. Also included are children of AWC students living with a non-student parent or guardian outside of the 50-mile radius.


b.  Continuing education students enrolled in an accredited vocational school, college, university, or certification program


c.  CBSC Member or spouse enrolling or enrolled in an accredited vocational school, college, university, or certification program


     3. Applicant must enroll as a matriculated student as defined by the vocational school, college, university, or certification program during the 2023-24 academic year.


     4. Applicants must have an active ID card.


     5. Individuals who will be attending a service academy or accept any other full scholarship are not eligible to accept a CBSC scholarship.


QUALIFICATION REQUIREMENTS: Applicants must electronically submit the required items listed on the checklist in the application in order to be considered for an award.


You must download the document to your desktop and open it from there. If you fill out the form in a browser, the information will not save. If you do not have Adobe Reader you can download it for free here: Adobe Reader




Scholarship applications will only be accepted electronically.
They must be submitted NO LATER THAN 15 FEBRUARY 2023 (midnight) to:


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